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Paul Krauss, Licensed Professional Counselor

Paul Krauss

Counselor , MA , LPC

Phone: 616-200-4433

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Let’s be honest, most people are not thrilled about the idea of seeing a counselor. It was not in their plan.

No matter what your reason for beginning the counseling process, I want you to know that you are entering a nonjudgmental space, where you are free to express yourself without censorship or shame. I will provide you expert assistance and help you meet your goals. I believe in collaboration and will never tell you what to do or take a “top down” approach. No matter what you are going through, suffering from, or what you have survived, I will customize my approach to your personality and provide you with many options. While I am skilled in counseling, psychology, and human relationships, you are the expert on you. You will be working with someone who understands the neurobiology and physiology of brain as well as the human condition. Whatever your challenges, I will join with you on your journey and utilize my over 10 years of experience and advanced training to help you find solutions.