Health for Life Grand Rapids Counseling

Meet the Counselors at Health for Life Grand Rapids

Health for Life Grand Rapids is a counseling practice with many excellent counselors in Grand Rapids, MI.

There are many counselors in Grand Rapids, MI, but Health for Life Grand Rapids has several great counselors–each with their own set of unique skills to help you or a family member. If you are looking for counseling in Grand Rapids, try out Health for Life Grand Rapids, MI.

Billie Walters, LMSW is a counselors in Grand Rapids, MI. Billie is a natural healer and has unique methods of helping people through anger, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, and much more. Learn about Billie today by going to her page.

Adam Nash, LLPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids that specializes with adolescents (teenagers) and their parents. Whatever your child is going through, Adam can help. Adam has over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages.

Jennifer Belmonte, LMSW, is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI. Jen works with children, adolescents, and adults. She is versatile and helps people overcome emotional neglect and work on their relationship with food. Jennifer also offers Faith-based Counseling as well.

Stacey Prefontaine, CHt-CMS, FIBH, is a hypnotherapist and a clinical hypnotherapist with advanced training in medical support hypnosis. Using Integral Hypnotherapy, Stacey assists clients in using their own inner resources to create powerful, rapid change in their lives. During sessions, clients learn self-hypnosis along with other useful tools that allow and empower them to be active participants in their positive change. Whether a client is struggling with unwanted habits, lack of motivation, difficult emotions, or medical issues including managing pain, increasing compliance with care, or dealing with a traumatic diagnosis, Stacey’s sessions provide effective results.

John Curphey, MDiv MA LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, pastoral counselor and somatic experiencing therapist for trauma work. John has nearly twenty years of experience helping clients find healing resources within themselves and emotional support in their relational network. In the last six years his training has taken him in the direction of trauma work and body awareness. John is now integrating those skills in his work as a therapist to help people attend to their spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Michele Figuereo, LPC, provides EMDR and trauma counseling for adults and couples. Michele is an expert at EMDR and working with trauma-informed modalities for individuals and couples. She is also an allied clinician for LGBTQ+, and other minority populations, with specialty training and experience to provide HRT referral letters following WPATH Standards of Care. In her practice, Michele is focused on fostering genuine relationships with clients to allow a safe and nurturing environment for true healing to take place.

Bridget Nash, LLPC, provides EMDR and counseling for teens, young adults and parents. Bridget is passionate about helping people heal from pain and discover their most authentic selves. She has worked with teens and young adults in both clinical and community settings. Through her experience, Bridget has found the value in investigating the origins of our motivations for certain behaviors lends insight. Once we begin to uncover the link between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, we can find ways of positively adapting these to more accurately reflect who we truly are.

Natalie Arnold, LLMSW, provides trauma therapy and counseling for women, children and couples. Natalie is inspired by the holistic and mental health community in Grand Rapids and is passionate about working with children and individuals with a history of trauma. She is excited to work with those individuals to break the cycles of trauma and build a life where they can thrive.

Brendan Cole, MA LLPC, provides counseling and EMDR for adolescents, teens and young adults. Brendan uses many techniques including EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients find clarity and lead healthier lifestyles. Additionally, Brendan has a specialty in working with athletes and their mental game along with performance.

Joshua Nave, MA LLMSW, provides early childhood intervention and EMDR for children, parents and adults. Joshua is dedicated and excited to assist individuals in overcoming anxiety and panic brought on by past and present traumas, as well as providing skills training and resources to parents struggling with their young children. Joshua also has a passion for working with individuals looking to incorporate their faith into services, though this is by no means a requirement!

Whatever you are looking for, Health for Life Grand Rapids can provide as a counseling practice in Grand Rapids, MI.

Paul Krauss MA LPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI with over 10 years experience. He has extensive experience helping those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression and other difficulties. He is extremely skilled at working with the parents of teens and young adults. Paul will customize a plan for you.