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Health for Life Grand Rapids is a counseling practice with many excellent counselors in Grand Rapids, MI.

There are many counselors in Grand Rapids, MI, but Health for Life Grand Rapids has several great counselors–each with their own set of unique skills to help you or a family member. If you are looking for counseling in Grand Rapids, try out Health for Life Grand Rapids, MI.

Billie Walters, LMSW is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI. Billie is a natural healer and has unique methods of helping people through anger, depression, trauma, anxiety, grief, and much more. Learn about Billie today by going to her page.

Brendan Cole, MA LLPC, provides counseling and EMDR for adolescents, teens, and young adults. Brendan uses many techniques including EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization, and Reprocessing), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help clients find clarity and lead healthier lifestyles. Additionally, Brendan has a specialty in working with athletes and their mental game along with performance.

Brittani Decess, MA, LLPC is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI. Brittani identifies as a queer cis-gendered white female; uses she/her pronouns. Brittani has worked with a variety of individuals and families across the life span using talk and creative therapies to aid clients in healing and processing.

Caley Weisgerber, LMSW, identifies as a white cisgender, progressive Catholic woman who currently is in a closed monogamous relationship.  Her practice is sex-positive and gender-affirming. Caley loves to utilize mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy skills to help people who are struggling through negative patterns and move from surviving to thriving. Caley is an advocate for all people and works to empower them through education. Caley is also trained in Internal Family Systems and works with people to get to the emotional roots that may be difficult for them, so that they can fully express themselves and get their needs met. 

David Wilson, M.S.Ed., MBA, LLPC is a trauma-informed professional mental health counselor in Grand Rapids, MI, area with experience in helping his clients with psychoeducation and psychotherapy. He believes in the power of the human mind to overcome life’s adversities and challenges; he thinks everyone can change their perspectives and learn to live their best life! With the right coaching, he believes we all can reprogram our thought processes to successfully overcome the adverse effects of long-term stress and anxiety, becoming more resilient to everyday stresses of life. David is an EMDRIA certified EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) practitioner specializing in working with those suffering from psychological trauma. David is deeply passionate about working with people who suffer from anxiety, depression, relationship issues, social anxiety, and other psychological ailments.

Elif Piromari, LLMSW, is a therapist serving all of Michigan through online telehealth therapy, as well as a presence in Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area. Elif is a recent graduate from Auburn University with her degree in Master of Social Work. Elif provides individual counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens for children, adolescents, and adults. Her therapeutic experience has mostly focused on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy working with child victims of abuse and neglect. Elif’s counseling approach is rooted in evidence-based interventions including holistic approach, implementing mindfulness, and behavioral strategies. Elif welcomes all individuals regardless of their age, background, and struggles.

Gabby Cook, LLMSW, is a therapist serving all of Michigan through online telehealth therapy. Gabby is a white, cis-gendered woman that uses she/her pronouns. Gabby is a graduate from Michigan State University and has a Master of Social Work degree with a certificate program in Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment. Gabby provides individual counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens for adults. Her therapeutic experience has mostly focused on Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Gabby’s counseling approach is rooted in evidence-based interventions utilizing a strengths-based approach in addition to behavioral interventions and mindfulness practices.

Jennifer McKinstry, LLPC, is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI offering personalized therapy to individuals. Jennifer provides a safe and non-judgemental environment, including experience in working with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and individuals in the LGBTQIA+ community. Jennifer has extensive experience in the area of sexuality, sexual violence and spiritual issues, including spiritual abuse and faith reconstruction. Jennifer believes in helping others become the best version of themselves, and that the journey towards wholeness is always worth it.

John Curphey, MDiv MA LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, pastoral counselor, and somatic experiencing therapist for trauma work. John has nearly twenty years of experience helping clients find healing resources within themselves and emotional support in their relational network. In the last six years, his training has taken him in the direction of trauma work and body awareness. John is now integrating those skills in his work as a therapist to help people attend to their spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Josh Zheng, MS LLPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids and Ada, Michigan that holds the counseling relationship to be sacred and of the utmost importance in the courageous work of self-learning and healing. Josh specializes in Internal Family Systems Therapy and seeks to cultivate a space of compassion, courage and creativity that can help those struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and interpersonal or family conflict.

Joshua Nave, MA LLMSW, provides early childhood intervention and EMDR for children, parents, and adults. Joshua is dedicated and excited to assist individuals in overcoming anxiety and panic brought on by past and present traumas, as well as providing skills training and resources to parents struggling with their young children. Joshua also has a passion for working with individuals looking to incorporate their faith into services, though this is by no means a requirement!

Justyne Ortquist, LLPC, is a trauma-informed counselor who specialized in relational therapy with couples and families. Her approach to therapy utilizes the physiological underpinnings of mental health issues, trauma, and stress on the brain and body to heal in the context of the relationships that are most important to the client. She has experience working with individuals and relationships struggling with trauma, addiction, eating disorders and body image, anxiety, depression, attachment, and communication issues.

K’Quiana Griffin-Knowling, MA LLPC is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI who specializes in recovery from trauma, abuse, neglect, substance issues, and helps anyone who is going through a difficult time. K’Quiana has experience helping people who have been marginalized by society and have experienced chronic illnesses. K’Quiana believes in people and she can help you believe in yourself. K’Quiana also has extensive experience counseling people on practical solutions for mental health, as well as parenting and career issues.

Kathryn Barcelona, LLMSW, is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI that offers therapy for adults and families struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use recovery, or terminal illness. Kathryn identifies as a white, cisgender female who is currently in a closed, monogamous relationship.

Katy Jaramillo MEd, LPC, ATR-P is a counselor and provisional art therapist serving the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. Katy’s counseling approach is creative, person-centered, strength-based, trauma-informed, and existential. Katy Jaramillo is a White-Hispanic cisgender woman with the lived experience of her own neurological recovery. She is a passionate ally to underrepresented communities and is interested in helping people of all races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, and abilities.

Kay Foster, MA LLPC is a therapist serving the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. Kay provides inclusive counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens. She has a work expertise and training in sex-related concerns. Kay’s counseling approach is rooted in the existential-humanistic philosophies, and she takes a collaborative approach to treatment. She has experience with Anxiety and Anxiety-Related Disorders, Mood Disorders, Trauma and Trauma-Related Disorders, and Sex-Related Concerns. She takes a holistic approach to counseling, implementing mindfulness, behavioral strategies, and eclectic techniques.

Lindsey Beaver, LLMSW, provides trauma-informed therapy for children, teens, and young adults. She has extensive experience working with anxiety and depression, has worked for many years with children of all ages, and is trained in (EMDR) therapy for children and adults with a single incident and complex trauma. She also has training in TF-CBT and provides Reiki healing sessions upon request. Lindsey is passionate about helping her clients to identify strengths they were unaware of and to liberate themselves from cycles of trauma so they may write a new and more empowering story.

Margie Muñoz, MA LLPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI specializing in counseling for children and adolescents navigating the impacts of trauma including anger, depression, anxiety, and exaggerated reactivity, which can impact experiences at school, at home, and with peers. Margie also has experience working with young adults navigating anxiety and depression as they establish their independence and face complex pressures as they transition into adulthood.

Maxwell Schuiteman, LMSW is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI who specializes in counseling with adults who are grappling with anxiety, self-esteem issues, relationship troubles, identity difficulties and childhood trauma. Max is also known as a specialist when it comes to Men’s issues and helping build up healthy masculinity in Men. Max is especially helpful in working with counseling for those who are managing difficult relationships, struggling with self-doubt, and breaking down toxic masculinity. Max has years of experience helping people struggling with depression and anxiety as well.  Max enjoys empowering individuals to grow into the people they want to be, while shedding the layers of negative thoughts, behaviors, and relationships that may be holding them back.

Megan Drizin, LLPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI that offers Telehealth therapy services to West Michigan Families.  Megan is a married mother of one who is dedicated to helping any individual, regardless of race, religion, background, or experience, overcome their struggles and create their ultimate life worth living.

Melissa Wade LMSW is a Licensed Master’s Level Social Worker with over 10 years of experience in the field.  She most recently held a position as a school social worker, where she facilitated individual, small group, and whole classroom social/emotional/behavioral skills lessons. Melissa specializes in working with children, adolescents, and their families. Her approach is rooted in psychoeducation, goal setting, CBT, and skills building, and is strength-based!  Melissa uses a variety of evidence-based interventions and strategies that start with building a safe, trusting relationship.  Melissa is LGBTQIA+ affirming.

Melodie Whitmore, MS LLPC NCC provides trauma-formed counseling for women, young adults, and couples. Melodie approaches counseling from a person-centered, holistic framework. This means that in the counseling room, you’ll work on what you want to work on and no one will be forcing you to work on “problems” that you don’t see as problems. Whatever is happening, she’ll work to pivot her approach and bring new information and techniques to the meetings that are customized to your unique personhood.

Michael Egan, LMSW, is a therapist serving the West Michigan and Grand Rapids and Ada, MI communities. Michael is bi-lingual and is able to provide counseling sessions in both English and Spanish. In addition, Michael serves all of Michigan through online telehealth therapy. Michael provides individual counseling and therapy from a trauma-informed lens for teenagers and adults. Michael focuses on utilizing a holistic approach to therapy through a trauma-informed lens to help all people in deep ways. Michael has experience working with those suffering from issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, relationship and family issues, anger, as well as substance use disorders.

Natalie Julien, LLMSW, provides trauma therapy and counseling for women, children, and couples. Natalie is inspired by the holistic and mental health community in Grand Rapids and is passionate about working with children and individuals with a history of trauma. She is excited to work with those individuals to break the cycles of trauma and build a life where they can thrive.

Nia Wolfe, MA LLPC is a therapist in Grand Rapids, MI who specializes in trauma-informed counseling. She is knowledgeable in the cycle of trauma influencing all areas of life, assisting with developing the skills to be functional and increase awareness. Her focus is to increase knowledge and education of mental health and skills to obtain a better worldview and overall experience of life. She provides therapy with an emphasis on treating underlying past traumas and developing independent living skills to create the potential for a healthy future.

Nicole Cass, LLMSW has worked with a variety of folx using a diverse range of creative therapeutic approaches including art and music to support healing and processing. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Michigan State University. Before joining the Health for Life team, Nicole practiced as a certified school social worker where she supported students who qualified for special education.  Although Nicole loved working in the education system, she is absolutely thrilled to be working as a therapist in a group practice. Nicole is currently working on her goal of becoming a Certified Sex Therapist to add to her diverse repertoire of skills.

Paul Krauss, MA LPC is a counselor in Grand Rapids, MI with over 10 years of experience. He has extensive experience helping those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and other difficulties. He is extremely skilled at working with the parents of teens and young adults. Paul will customize a plan for you.

Sarah Denick, LMSW, has practiced in West Michigan within the social work field since 2015. Her therapeutic work has mostly focused on children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, as well as their families and other community partners. Sarah is passionate about working with those who have experienced trauma, especially those who have experienced sexual trauma. Sarah is trained in several therapeutic approaches, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR Therapy, expressive arts therapy, and play therapy. When she isn’t spending time with her cat, Pooka, you may find Sarah playing the piano, or reading a mystery novel.

Shanna Beebe, MA LLPC is a therapist working in Grand Rapids, MI. Shanna has experience working with LGBTQIA+ people, non-binary people, individuals leaving abusive situations, pregnant individuals, and those seeking support after experiencing religious trauma/ spiritual abuse.

Whatever you are looking for, Health for Life Grand Rapids can provide a counseling practice in Grand Rapids, MI.